Who else is mine but you O Beloved (Peace be upon you)!

Who else is mine but you O Beloved (Peace be upon you)!

No eye has ever seen your likeness
No one like you has ever been born
The crown of the world’s reign is on your head
You are know as the King of Both Realms

The sea is rising and the waves are tumultuous
I am helpless and the storm is terrifying
I am in the middle of the storm and a gale is blowing
Please help my ship get to the other side

I am a thirsty and a dry ground
O!! The one with holy tresses
O!! The cloud of kindness
The rain (of your kindness) falls in showers
Please also drop a few driblets (of kindness) on me

My heart is suffering with fierce anguishes
My heart is harassed and my life is under obsessions
Who should I tell me sad story to??
Who else is mine?? But only you O! Beloved Prophet(SAW)

O!! The serenity of my soul, my fire is dying
There is only one flame, rest are only sparks
You have enlightened my heart, body, and every attachment
Please come and enlighten my soul as well, O! Beloved Prophet (SAW)

This poem by Raza is so unskillful
This manner of mine and this style of mine is not enough
(to praise you O! Beloeved Prophet SAW)
The request of my friends was my call
And so I have only tried
(to praise you O! Beloeved Prophet SAW)